Why is this better than using a normal search engine?

  • Filter based on the in-universe location, the speaker or people present in the scene.
  • Only the results that precisely match what you’re looking for are displayed.
  • The full line plus its immediate context is displayed, saving you the trouble of having to go on each and every page to find out how the sentence ends. Instead, you can simply have a look at the results and then decide to go to the relevant transcripts for further context.
  • The results are displayed in the same order their episodes aired. That way, you won’t have to manually re-order them if you’re interested in how a character’s views developed over time.
  • You can restrict your search to specific shows or episodes.

Possible uses

  • Research how a certain subject is portrayed in each of the shows.
  • Research how a character’s views on a subject evolved over time.
  • Vaguely remember that scene where Vash, Picard and Q were discussing in the ready room? Giving the tool that information will quickly point you to the scene in question.

Possible pitfalls

Keep in mind that there is no guarantee spelling is 100% consistent. So, for example, if you're interested in mentions of Starbase 47, it's advisable to search for both "Starbase 47" and "Starbase fourty-seven". The same applies to possibly abbreviated words like "Deep Space 9" vs "DS9".


There are two interfaces available to you. The easy interface simply lets you input what you’re looking for without any prior knowledge requirements. The advanced interface on the other hand allows to manually enter a query using the syntax described there. While that is considerably more difficult to use, it allows queries of arbitrary complexity. It also gives access to regex-based search operations and special parameters.

About this

Many thanks to Chrissie at Chakoteya for making her transcripts available for this - and for typing them all out in the first place!

Many thanks also to reddit's /u/Algernon_Asimov!

Contact: scriptsearchtool(AT)gmail(DOT)com